Cake story so far

After deciding to make my own wedding cake I started to try out tiered cakes, this was my first attempt.
A Lemon drizzle top-tier and a chocolate fudge bottom tier.

Then a few months later our wedding cake was a success, dowelling rods now no longer a fear!  It was about now that I decided to really work on my cake ideas – a range of hand painted ones.

 I really need to work on my piping. I want to start to highlight hand painted areas with delicate piping. This was a chocolate cake (very rich and indulgent) for Christine and Danny – we were going over to visit so the boys coud get suited for their wedding.

For Trev’s birthday I want to do a carousel, this is in August so i have a bit of time to practice. This was attempt one which i am happy with the idea and 3D’ness’ but i want to use coloured background next time and make it even more intricate.

This was a carrot cake with orange buttercream filling. 

Apple cake… deliciously lemony and tastes of spring!

A Victoria Sponge.

Hand mixed scones, when you don’t use a blender it keeps the flour from toughening up. these were deliciously soft and light.


This was a plain sponge with the orange buttercream filling that I worked out for the carousel cake. it’s deliciously different. but in future i want to try out cream cheese buttercreams as they will be less sweet.

This design is a hand painted lino print style, influenced by italy and vast fields of corn and sunflowers.

I used tangerine gel dye whilst I kneaded the icing, which was really fun, I cant wait to do more cakes like this!


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