Patchwork Quilt cake

This cake was for Louise’s friend who was leaving work and is due to have a baby boy in a few weeks. She loves blueberries so I used the blueberry recipe also featured last week with a cream cheese frosting. This sponge is very rich and can be eaten as a tea cake without icing if desired but in order to decorate and have for something special, icing is best.

I have been waiting for the chance and reason to try out this design and am really pleased with how it turned out.

I started the quilt from the top middle and worked my way outwards and down the sides. I had to do the ‘stitching’ on each piece I went along as the icing would go hard otherwise and possibly crack. I also love the colours I have used as usually I tend to go for lots of colours but tried to keep it pastel and muted for a nursery feel. The hand-painting was nice to just add a personal touch as the lady is American so the US flag fitted in well with a other little patterns I chose.


One thought on “Patchwork Quilt cake

  1. Lorna Jones, I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you. Not only was I considered a legend for getting this made, but also, it tasted bloody amazing. How you got those blueberries to stay at the top of the sponge is quite beyond me.

    Thank you very much. Your work should be celebrated and I gave out your details to a lot of people!

    Expect an influx of cake orders!

    Louise xxx

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