Spinal Tap, “up to 11” Cake

This cake was for Esther’s boyfriend 30th birthday. He is a musician so she decided on the dial from the movie Spinal Tap. When I took this photo, even I thought ‘wow it does look like the dial is coming out of the cake’ which i loved as this wasn’t even the intention! bonus.


As it was a cake for a man’s birthday, I really wanted to make it no-girly, which is often how cakes end up looking. I originally had the idea to make it a more vintage looking design with the browns and bronzes like the actual dial from the film but ended up opting for the more digital approach as it would be cleaner and more crisp looking. I love the ‘worn’ look of the numbers, I was really pleased how they looked when I painted them. I have always had issues with painting numbers and text but I will definitely do this style again on future cakes as it will be versatile and match my style and designs well.

I also chose to do an icing trim along the base instead of a ribbon for the same issue of making it look more masculine. Even with a dark colour fabric i think the impact would have looked wrong.

The cake was chocolate fudge with quite a few large splashes of rum in the sponge and buttercream filling. I want to experiment more with boozy recipes, rums and liqueurs will be a good place to start I think. If  anyone have any recipes or advice on this then I’d love to hear them!

 Thanks for reading!!! x


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