The Rainbow Cake

I went to the David Hockney exhibition recently, I think I was a little inspired?

You can take the girl out of art school but…..
This was a birthday cake for Christine and Laura, my sister-in-laws. So it had to be big and sweet!

So last friday I spent the entire night in the kitchen making this sponge that I have dreamt of making for ages. After watching YouTube videos a few months back of ‘how to’ I was eager (sorry I can’t remember which ones, but there are many).

First thing you have to do is split up your batter into bowls and make a mess in the kitchen by adding lots of food dye to each pot.

Then, in a greased tin, ‘dollop’ a spoon of mixture in the middle of the tin, then add your next colour on top and in the middle of the previous colour. It will spread out and you can help it along by flattening it a bit with a spoon, but don’t worry too much, it will work.

Bake the rainbow. Then when it’s done it will look a bit dull but colourful nonetheless. But the true colour hit is when you cut it!
It’s fun to ice it and not to tell people it is a rainbow cake. Lot’s of “ooooo’s!” I used some edible silver leaf on the top, which I loved the colour with the blueberries.

This is my attempt at a ‘Ideal Homes’ magazine picture….

P.S there are also homemade marshmallows in these pictures, I will tell you about them in another post! They are something you all must try at home!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, please comment 🙂


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