The Fairy Night Garden

This was a 30th birthday cake. It worried me when Kate said the birthday girl was into fairies and Tinkerbell…. I really don’t want to verge on novelty cakes and this brief got a bit close. But I think I avoided that with the final design. Phew!

The chocolate sponge is a very rich recipe, it’s the same one I used in my wedding cake so it is a personal favourite! I have never iced the cake board before and I quite enjoyed the freedom it gave me with expanding the design and also the way it keeps the cake looking ‘whole’ instead of just a cake on a silver board.

I do really like the daffodils in this cake. They are similar to the sunflowers in the Peach Cake (below) I think I will bring these back into another cake soon.

Thanks for reading! x


3 thoughts on “The Fairy Night Garden

  1. The Fairy Night Garden cake was made for me, and I have to say – it was without a doubt one of the best cakes I’ve ever tasted. It beat shop bought cakes hands down. The chocolate sponge was amazing; I’ve never tasted anything like it. It was rich but not too much, but being a chocolate fan it went down very well! I’m not usually a big fan of icing but this icing was delicious. Everyone at my party enjoyed it too (especially my sister who stole about three slices when she left!) It stayed fresh for a good few days at home too so I could enjoy it without having to share it with anyone else…!

    I was blown away by the design on the front, and I was sad to have to cut into it. I loved how it was so personal to me, so thank-you Lorna – It made my birthday very special.

    Marie x

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