Cocker Spaniel Cake

This cake was for my friends mum’s 60th birthday. I have known the family since I was a child so when Chloe asked me to make a cake for her mum I instantly erupted in “oh a cocker spaniel design!” They have always owned them, although, I realise the first photo I put on this blog wasn’t a cocker spaniel but a westie terrier, artistic licence?

The cake was a traditional Victoria sponge with jam and buttercream.

I didn’t intend to add the green to the design but I am so glad I did! This looks much more striking and the three tones gives the painting more depth, I think I will use a similar technique in future cakes.

The bottom tier is my impression of a quilted fabric. I really love the colours in this cake, the peach and green are really spring-like, something which seems to be on my mind a lot in the cold late feb/march!

I didn’t want it just to be a dog design so I brought back the park idea which I have used before, there are so many options to add in, like the flowers in the breeze and the kite. I want to build on my narratives in my illustrations as I they have always been important in my work.
Chloe took these photos for me and is just starting up a photography venture – so if you need anyone for your parties/family occasions, take a look at her blog.


3 thoughts on “Cocker Spaniel Cake

  1. Oh my life – this is simply awesome! Your friends clearly have a much calmer spaniel than my own – but I love the silhouette on the side of the cake of the dog standing so calmly. Inspiring.

    • Haha, thank you Jen, Spaniels are rather energetic arent they! I tried to elude to a ‘paris park scene’ to give the calm/elegent pose some justice. Thank you so much for commenting, its so nice to hear! x

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