My first muffins


So I admit it, there are a few things I have never baked. Shock horror! But this year I am tackling them one by one, eclairs/croissants/tarts etc. But last night I went a bit closer to my cake home; with muffins.


Trev bought me the hummingbird bakery cookbook last year and last night I dusted it down to peruse banana recipes. I had to make my own butter milk (just add a tbs of vinager to milk) and I added walnuts, a few dried fruits and seeds…. But other than that I stuck to the recipe quite well!?


The recipe says it makes 12 american muffins, which MUST be massive beause the mix made a LOT of large cupcakes. A bonus in my opinion as they are super tasty. Especially for breakfast, yum.


I am currenty devising a poll: ‘Cupcake v’s Muffin, Whats the difference?’ I will post the results soon but if you have an opinion please write it in the comments. I’m sure you do!
Hummingbird Recipe:



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