Almond & Poppy Seed Muffins


I love poppy seed! Unfortunately, my husband does not like their bestfriend, the lemon! Terrible. But I was determind to bake with poppy seeds in a sponge.


I found this Betty Crocker recipe and it intrigued me as it uses sour cream in the batter, a very american ‘thing’.


Milk, sour cream and an egg creates an incredibly light, fluffy sponge and the poppy seeds only added to this light texture, you must try them!


I didn’t have any almond essence so I just added a tablespoon of ground almonds instead. The muffins were not too almondy in taste as a result. Maybe next time I will add more…


After you spoon the batter into your cases you spinkle sugar on top and some sliced almonds. I loved this part as you get a real earthy & organic look to the cooked muffin and a great mix of textures. I want to play with more ‘pre-oven sprinkles’ on my sponges, well, ones which are not already destined to be iced and painted!


Link to Recipe


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