The Crazy Chocolate ‘showpiece’


I have just got back from a two day chocolate course in Farnham, Surrey, it was amazing! It was with Mark Tiling, who’s great, at Squires Kichen, which is great, all in all great great great!


I have learnt so much that I couldn’t possibly write it here for you to read, but it included, tempering chocolate, moulding, sculpting, tranfers and spraying…. So fun! The base we made to look like a marble slab. So many things are possible with chocolate and I never knew, I love it.


Here is a photo of one of the amazing tempering machines which cost loads of money and that I will never ever own. Check out the fabulous mass of chocolatey mess!!


I will definately be playing with this new found knowledge (& some new tools from the shop!!!) in my cake designs.

This is a photo of the kitchen we got to play in, it was like masterchef!!!


I am really enjoying 2012, the year of learning new skills. Happy! The. next lesson on my ‘learning list’ is some Eddie Spence style royal icing, (he is an absolute legend in the cake world) then, once mastered, I will twist it up in a Lorna’s Cakery fashion…

Now, if I can just source a magic well full of money that would be really helpful, these courses aren’t cheap.


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