My Profitta Roll Tower


I have been waiting for an opportunity to make choux pastry and see what all the fuss is about. Easter proved the prime time as there was plenty of people to eat the fruits of my labour!


It turns out the method of making choux pastry is really fun, I’m not sure why but I ended up making a second batch straight after. Possibly because the baked choux’s came out as rather random sizes (see below) ? Ah well, you live and learn!


It was really hard to pipe the whipped cream into the choux’s because I didn’t have the right size piping nozzles. I was at mum’s barn and just because they look extra cute, here is a photo of Bill and Ted, my little sous chef’s which stand guard at my feet waiting for any spillage to hoover up.


And finally I was done, I built a profitta tower all filled with cream and then dipped in chocolate sauce. This was a Mary Berry recipe and really fun to do, I think it was the different stages, mixing/piping/baking/filling and dipping – lots of elements and then at the end you get to construct a tower! I will definitely be making these again soon.


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