The Spotty Countryside Cake

This was a cake made for Kate’s friend Louise. The main brief was, chocolate…with a side note of a countryside loving lady.
I chose to try out a gateau style edging where I blitzed up some sponge and tge coated the edges after I covered the cake in rich chocolate buttercream. My husband thought it made it look unfinished, but I quite like it. We agreed that maybe a contrasting colour would be better next time, maybe coconut or nuts?



I wanted to try out a sugarpaste bow and concentrate the painting there. I later added the white icing dots as it made the desin more whole.
I think I have gone a bit dot crazy after going to the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Tate Modern this weekend. Check her out, she’s incredible.


It would be great to hear your thoughts on my gateau style cake, its odd trying new ideas out and venturing away from heavily painted cakes (i’m not venturing far though!)

Also, I know I am letting myself down with my photos, I am relying on my phone camera at the moment whilst I save up for a beautiful Cannon digital SLR. Might take a while though…


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