Banana and Custard Tartlets


So after visiting mum at the barn, I ambitiously took home about 16 eggs. Last night I had a little panic about how I was going to use them up as the cake I made for Kate on Sunday was made with oil, so it was eggless! anyway, I have always wanted to make custard tarts and the addition of banana looked fun so I played around with this recipe from Good Food.

It was a particularly rainy morning today so I took lots of tartlets into work and they vanished pretty quickly. Nothing like bad weather to spur on the appetites! However, next time I think I would have a bigger custard to pastry ratio – you can tell mine are a bit different to the ones on the website as theirs only made 6 and mine made about 20, not sure how that happened! (I still have left over custard, but this has happened before with a custard tart recipe, my tins are probably to shallow.  The custard is the best bit!)


I love making my own custard, as I had lots of eggs, I actually added another yolk for extra richness. The aroma of freshly grated nutmeg is addictive, I have started trying to use new herbs and spices in my food which has been a fun experiment for meal times (I added nutmeg to risotto, it worked!)

Next on my recipe hit list is Portuguese custard tarts (Pasteis de nata), a recipe that looks good is also on the Good Food site, I’m a big fan of that place as you can tell…



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