Sticky Hot Cross Buns


Now, I know I am late posting these on here. But as you can see from my recent posts I have been busy trying out lots of recipes and also eating them ,which takes time.


I was torn between which recipe to try as I wanted to go traditional with Mary Berry but then her recipe only scores the buns in a cross or uses pastry stripes for the cross, so I went to Paul Hollywood who uses a flour and water paste, which you pipe over before they visit Mr Oven.

I wanted to make these ages ago but I think it was a weekday evening and when I read the recipe I saw it was basically a bread recipe and required quite a lot of time for proving (time for mixture to rise).

Anyway, I chose my time well, a lazy sunny sunday, whilst my dough was rising, I wandered to this beautiful park next door  to read my book for about an hour, (I like to think it’s my secret garden, but then, I believe in fairy tales!) I was being very indulgent on this day, it was wonderful!


(After I posted this my friend Michelle told me that The Cure filmed their music video for Hanging Garden here, watch it, how cool! My favourite is Love Cats but this will have to do i guess)

And then, shortly after I returned home I was able to enjoy these, with proper butter, none of the Bertolli for these glossy little princes! You must coat them with a sugar syrup whilst they are still hot out of the oven, this makes them especially sticky buns! The aroma in the flat was wonderful, so much better than shop bought, they were really worth it.



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