The Miro Inspired Cake

Well it finally happened, I was asked to do a modern art/abstract/’do what I like’ style cake, it was so fun!

It was for Chris’ dad’s 60th birthday – so a nice change doing a cake for an older guy. The design brief: he used to do a lot of painting and I have been told that some of my early painting work was similar to what he did so it was a real pleasure trying to do a design he would like.

I was told a Miro style cake would be good and after looking at his work I was so excited to get started, they are so bright and energetic.

It has always been important for me to have strong mark making in my designs as well as texture. For this cake I tried to use every technique possible with the icing, I even brushed it on and dripped it to get a variety of layers. I finished the cake off by doing some Jackson Pollock flicking!

I honestly cant wait to do this on another cake, there was so much freedom and it reminded me of when I used to do mega canvas’ in college. Some were so big I had to paint them outside the house and use broom sticks to cover areas in paint.

This cake was a Victoria Sponge, made with 2 giant goose eggs and 2 duck eggs – the sponge was really yellow! I loved it. The eggs were from my mum’s barn in Storrington, West Sussex. The ducks are my favourite of all her egg makers (she has 3 breeds of chickens, 5 Runner Ducks and 3 geese). They are a fabulously chatty bunch – when you see them, you start involuntarily doing impressions and looking like an idiot.


2 thoughts on “The Miro Inspired Cake

  1. Lorna, now I’ve read all this I can see why Mark’s cake tasted so wonderful and looked so amazing. It really was a work of art and I’m pleased to see it on your website where I can direct those who never had the first hand experience of it. Cheers. Maggie xx

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