Sketches from tatty notepads, old and new

I have been going through some of my sketchbooks in preparation for my new website. (My mate Louise is designing this for me and I am eternally grateful!)

Anyway, I thought I would post some of my favourite drawings on my blog to give a further insight into my weird view of the world and how my cake designs come to be.

Some of the sketches are new and some are old, there seems to be an obvious animal theme that I have weirdly just noticed?!

After looking at these as a collective, for the first time I can see ‘my style’, which as you can imagine is very difficult thing to do when it’s your own work. I guess analysing old sketches helps to do this as I have had the time to disconnect from them as see them in a new light – so juxtaposing them to new work is highlighting the style I seem to be doing/using (does that make any sense to anyone other than me?)

I’m not sure how we will decide to use them in the website template, but for now, it has been a fun afternoon collating everything!


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