Club Tropicana Cake

unfortunately I don’t have too many pictures of this cake and they aren’t up to scratch either but they will have to do! I absolutely loved painting this cake and after looking at my recent few cakes, I really see a new phase of designs coming through, heavily pattered and with layers of colour and drawings peeking through.

This cake was for Tom’s 30th (who is about to go on a tropical holiday, hence the inspiration), he is a past Cakery customer, owner of The Pinta Cake! It was asked for by his mum, who too has ordered cakes from me before and a christmas hamper – so I was really happy to do another cake for them and the pressure was on for it to look even better than previous ones. I think this cake wins, but maybe it is because this design is so fun and the sun has been shining all week so Wham’s ‘Club Tropicana’ has been going round my head for days?! Probably.

I am tempted to call these cakes my ‘doodle’ range as I have a plan of what I want the cake to feel like but I only actually design it at the last-minute. I pull out a few pictures from google, this type I looked at a variety of Hawaiian shirts and fabrics and went from there. These always turn out looking like the freshest designs, with more energy, Strange (or not) because when it comes to my sketches and notepads, I always love my quick drawings rather than the more laboured larger pieces. This is probably due to the mark making (sorry, I know I use that term a lot – it’s from art school, “old habits” and all that!) Energetic lines and variety of width builds texture and interest, which is what I want to bring to my cakes.

And for a treat…..


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