The ‘Street Party’ Cake

This was my biggest cake yet! It needed to feed at least 200 Kingston University staff at the Uni’s 20th birthday ‘bash’. It was chocolate.

(Above photo was taken by Chris Thomas)
The event was in the style of a British street party, and it was around the time of the Diamond Jubilee so that’s where the design came from. Bunting was strung up everywhere and giant cardboard cutouts of the queen were around every corner! So it tied in quite well.


The size was ridiculous, I could hardly carry it due to its weight (I actually needed help to the car) very funny. I hope my time as a cake baker brings more lessons like this – I really felt like I was ‘tackling’ this cake! I loved it. My portions were obviously generous as we didn’t even touch the top-tier at the party and actually saved it for another event two days later, that is a cake that just keeps giving…or in my view by this stage, “somebody just eat it, it wont beat us!”

Luckily I didn’t have to cut up the 200 slices….’phew!’

Alas, we finally ate it all. Well done us.


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