Hand-Painted Cupcakes

So, I have my first hand-painted cupcake class this weekend, at Norden Farm Arts Centre in Maidenhead. Which means I spent the last few days playing around with some design ideas and the office got a large supply of cakes to gobble. Not a bad week really!

I wanted to try out some simple yet effective techniques to show the students but to be honest, I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with themselves. This two cakes above actually link in the design, which I think could be fun with a bigger pattern/picture. The fabric behind the cakes is my patchwork quilt (it’s obviously not finished!) I love the colours, a mismatch of bright, fresh patterns, I just need a ‘beach hut’ style cabin to live in now.

These pictures are also the first chance I have had to use my new NIKON camera, it’s so sexy, although, I haven’t quite mastered the user manual yet. But I will, soon.

These cupcakes are a mix of plain and coconut flavour, I topped them with seedless jam and then cut discs of Regal icing for the tops. I want to try a few more styles of hand-painted cupcakes, ones where you pip buttercream on neatly and then place a pre-painted (smaller) disc of icing on top, like a little hat! In my head I am thinking about sitting in front of the TV painting discs of icing, quite a relaxing thought isn’t it…


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