Hand-Painted Cupcake Class

Yesterday was my first hand-painted cupcake class, held a Norden Farm Arts Centre in Maidenhead. It was such a nice class, there was 11 ladies who each brought a dozen cupcakes with them and lots of enthusiasm for cake.
(This picture above is my favourite cupcake from the class, it’s so happy! Also, you can’t see it on here, but it has a glittery sky, I squealed a little with joy when I saw it!)

Lots of the ladies had been to my ‘piping’ class a fortnight ago, so it was fun to have familiar faces there.

The class lasted 2 hours, a good amount of time to explain the areas of possibilities with edible paint, as well as enough time for the students to try out their own ideas.

You will see from my pictures that lots of the cakes are experimental with ideas and this is exactly what I wanted. I tried to convey to the class that there really isn’t a possibility for mistakes in this – no one knows what you wanted to achieve in the design so you can change it as you go along, just relax and have fun.

I was so happy when I went around and chatted the ladies and they ‘covered mistakes’ and been delighted with the unintended results.

We also played around with some cutters to bring another dynamic to the cupcakes – this class did not need me to hold their hand in this at all, before I could tell them to use the cutters to just make an impression in the top of a cupcake – they had already done it without me looking! I was proud!

It was really exciting to hold this class and I am definitely going to be doing this again soon, I found myself giving ideas and tips that I didn’t even realise I knew. I think it was the life long obsession of cooking and art coming out and I just wanted to share it with this lovely group – so they could go home and try these things for their friends and families.

I ended up giving out lots of my cards and asking them to keep in touch and let me know how they get on and show me cakes they do in the future, I really hope they do!


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