More Hand-Painted Cupcakes

I won’t babble too much about these cakes, on Friday I tried out a few more painted cupcake designs before my class on Saturday. I really think I am getting to grips with the painted cupcakes now – the few I did last week I was quite critical about. It’s so different to painting a large cake – they need to be framed more, and surprising they take a lot longer to do! I guess it is 6 different pictures instead of just the 1. But I’m getting there, which is good because I’m holding ‘How To” classes! So anyway, I thought I would share them with you.

As our flat is ‘under construction’ (don’t ask!) I had to bake at my Dad’s, here are my little brother and sister’s helping me bake. Well, I say help…

The concentration is pretty fierce! An expression familiar to me as I wear it whenever I paint, bake or draw. I just can’t help it. You can see that there was more eating than ‘helping Lorna’, but it was really fun. Oh, the one is Red is my husband and my guinea pig of all things food, sometimes a good thing for him and sometimes not so much…


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