The Cat’s Meadow Cake

I was commissioned for this cake by the Keegan’s (check out my post on Keegan cookies for a great recipe they gave me) It was for Pete’s parents, who both turned 50 this year, so it was sort-of  a 100th birthday cake.

They are a family of cat lovers and they live in Wales – so daffodils (the national flower) had to be represented strongly.  Kim and Pete are fellow artists and we studied at university together a few years ago, I can’t believe how much has changed since then, we are both married now and they have a wonderful little girl Pippa. I digress…

I wanted to use a few different techniques on this cake, to create a varied surface of interest and detail. I started when I covered the cake in icing, by pressing a flower cutter into the surface. This added initial, subtle textures to play against the painted design. This was great, as I later decided to add icing ‘tubes’ to create a few protruding daffodils. I was surprised at how well this worked and would like to design cupcakes completely covered in them or maybe the top-tier of a larger cake… a little rainy day project me thinks!

The cats were a difficult one to include, so I opted for less of a narrative scene and more of an abstract, ‘design-y’ approach. what do you think?

I am really happy with my new camera, it’s so pretty and I feel like I need to give it a ‘shout out’ because compared to my previous images that I took on my phone, they are so much more appealing to look at. Saying that, I apologise if  from now on my posts are more photo heavy because it’s harder to choose which ones to put up!

This cake was a Victoria sponge with chocolate buttercream filling – a cake for sweet teeth, yum!

When I met the Keegan family to give them this cake, Pippa met her first horse, below are a few pictures of our afternoon in the August sunshine…

(above) The Keegan’s! (below) me and Pippa

We later retreated to The Blackwood Arms for refreshments and I would definitely recommend it there,  it’s beautiful!


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