A Nautical, Art Nouveau Wedding Cake

This wedding order was for Lucia and Howard – they were getting married at Richmond registry office and then having an evening reception on a boat, which would cruise the River Thames, visiting the London landmarks. The Italian bride would be dressed in a blue evening gown instead of the traditional ivory and the wedding party would be only family and very close friends – approximately 40 people all together.Disliking fruit cake, Lucia wanted something a little different – so I opted for a Victoria sponge 2-tier cake (the base tier was actually triple layers for extra height) and then they also had 20 victoria sponge cupcakes, which was a plain sponge, topped with jam a little buttercream and then finally Regal icing so I could paint it afterwards. The twist was also having 20 orange flavoured cupcakes, a lovely fresh choice in my opinion. A simple orange buttercream used to pipe elegant roses on these ones.The wedding invite was an Art Nouveau design and I was also asked to include anchors in my nautical inspired approach… and this is what we ended up with. The main image on the base tier is a subtle hint at the invitation – weddings always have little threads of consistency throughout themes and ideas, so this was my contribution.

I decided quite late that I wanted to have 20 of the cupcakes hand-painted, I’m glad I chose this as it ties up the wedding cake display nicely, however, it was fairly more time-consuming for a friday evening! All in the name of cake.

Luckily the sun shone for Lucia and Howard on 26 August, lovely!


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