My New Festive Hampers 2012!

To order your hamper please email me at
They are £35 each

So after last years hampers, which we’re a success and a learning curve for me, I FINALLY decided what to do for this year. I knew I needed a hand-painted Christmas cake in there as it is traditional and a bit special and different for the people who receive them. It might be their first ‘Lorna’ so it has to represent!

After unforgiving, tireless months (honestly!) of working out what else to include, I chose;
Coconut Ice, A Big Gingerbread Family and a bag of Gingerbread Hot Chocolate mix.

I tried making several other things too, like Turkish Delight, which was awesome, and chocolate buttons, not so awesome. But I decided that the final selection would work best. I am making 20 hampers this year, as whilst I’m still working 4 days a week non-cakery, it’s the best way for me to plan my time. (not made to order for example) Also, last year I did two hamper sizes, but this year it’s only one size and one price, £35. Until I have my own shop (or at least am full-time Cakery) I have to reign-in the ambitions of crazy hamper creations. I do love hampers though, and also this year I chose to make them more hamper-like, with the bows and cellophane, so it’s more “wow” when you give them as a gift. And they will look awesome under a Christmas tree!

If you are interested in a hamper, tweet , email or Facebook me x


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