Eat Your Heart Out 2012

When I entered the cake competition, The Edible Beach at The Cake and Bake Show – I went to have a quick chat with the judges to see if I had any feedback or comments for me. I met Miss Cakehead, the ‘cake curator’ and head judge, we got chatting and she invited me to bake something for Eat Your Heart Out, an anatomically correct cake pop-up shop. So, with the joys of Facebook, I met the other amazing bakers and spent most of October disgussing revolting diseases and seeing trials of their creations as well as trying out a few of my own.

The press went crazy over the idea of EYHO and every day Miss Cakehead was letting us know radio stations, tv shows and newspapers that were wanting to do a story on it. I was delighted when one of the articles mentioned my cakes, even if it did say ‘Varicose Vein cupcakes look particulary unappetising’. Ha! I’m so proud!

EYHO was held for three days at Barts Pathology museum in London, the space was incredible! Where walls are stacked high with of jars full of sliced up human organs and specimens, perfectly juxtaposing the cakes on sale.

We were still setting upwhen people started to arrive to buy cakes…so we sold!

And don’t worry, to wash down the cakes Jimmy was there to offer stool samples and urine (rum based cocktails)

…..fancy a Bloody Mary stuffed with bacon?

…or a maybe Varicose Vein Cupcake?Bring on EYHO 2013!
So many incredible, crazy bakers and food artisans were involved, here is but a few that you should check out:
Tattoo Cakes
There were so many more but you can see  work via the birth mother herself, Miss Cakehead:
Happy Halloween!


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