Cats and Bell cake

My friend Lucy, who lives in Australia contacted me a while ago and asked me to make her mum’s 60th birthday cake. It was such an honour to have an overseas make an order! She wanted Lemon Drizzle and my brief was bell ringing and cats… for my own amusement, I also added a little blue mouse which I like to imagine running *rings* around the cats and tormenting them in the bell tower.

The cake was for a surprise birthday party and the day after it was picked up (by Lucy’s Brother) I got this lovely email from Lucy’s mum! Sounds like she had a fabulous day, even if it was missing a certain Aussie loving daughter.

Hi Lorna, This is thanks to you for the wonderful cake that Lucy ordered – from Sydney – for my birthday surprise. It was so beautifully painted: the bell and the cats (and mouse!). A wonderful centrepiece for our celebration and delicious once we were brave enough to destroy it with a knife. Thank you so much for the care you took to make it so lovely.
Best wishes

I must note, that this cake was shimmering with GOLD, as Lucy, in all the years I have known her, is draped in the stuff, whether its clothes or jewellery, she blumin’ loves it, so that was  a cheeky aside just for her!


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