Tartan Heather Cake

This was an order from Maggie, a previous Cakery customer (the Miro cake for her arty husband Mark)
So last week it was an order for her sister’s surprise 60th birthday, the brief: “Fiercely Scottish!”

So, to avoid Loch Ness monsters and Haggis, I chose a much more intriguing aspect, the beautiful Scottish Heather’s, very underestimated in my opinion! They bloom in the most hazardous locations, and battle ferocious weathers – yet remain solid and colourful. I am a massive flower head and have often spent friday night’s in watching gardeners world, Monty Don is a legend! Not that this should surprise you anyway as most of the stuff I write is pretty WI isn’t it?! If I had more time I would look up my local group and join, maybe one day.

The Heather’s are painted tartan, obviously. I really like the look and distortion this gives the design – not too explainatory but very Scottish none-the-less. I also decided to paint around the icing on the board too, and really think it works, gone are the days were I will leave the silver board bare!

My recent cakes have been using these two main colours – the green and plum. I am a very seasonal designer and am constantly inspired by the weather and in turn the atmosphere it creates. You wouldn’t see me painting cakes like this in Summer! Spring and summer and much more yellow.






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