Woodland Cake with Two Playful Hares – Cake Int Competition 2012

2012 aims: Learn new skills and enter cake competitions… TICK! This cake was for Cake International, a big cake show in Birmingham – they are famous for being rigorous judges and even disqualifying cakes for minor errors according to the rule book, so a fun/scary thing to be a part of for me! I entered the most basic of categories (there were loads of different groups to enter!)
I chose, ‘The Decorated Celebration Cake’ *all edible decorations*

There was no brief to the cake design, so I was free to go as ‘Cakery’ as I wanted. So, as Autumn was upon us I chose to illustrate a woodland scene, crisp leaves and fallen trees which create a wonderland for wildlife to appear and play in. The hare has become a sort of Lorna’s Cakery mascot and I am keen to let it pop up in designs from now on – obviously or discreetly, depending on the cake.

Texture was key in this scene – so I concentrated on layering all the way through the process – from dying and marbling the icing to washing the backdrop with subtle tones like a water-colour, then finishing with fine brush strokes.

This little squirrel danced on the top of the cake with the sugarpaste flowers I made…

I like this part of the cake as it shows the flowers being kicked up by the stupidly large footed hare, little touches like this give an energy to the design and a narrative. I always think of these hares as chasing each other into a warren that is hidden from predators by fallen branches and golden autumnal leaves. Possibly resident to a silly grumpy hedgehog…. just a thought!

Cake International had SO many awesome cakes that were entered into different categories – unfortunately I didn’t know who did what cake as they weren’t labelled but here is a little selection of some that I loved. I know that two of these are by the very talented Queen of Hearts Cakes – based in Shepherds Bush, London.

This is the table and category that my cake was up against, and the judges hard at work…

And finally! YAY!


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