Almond Brittle Cake in Richmond Park

Today me and Rich went to Richmond Park – loaded like camels with a thermos of coffee, warm left-over pizza (I wrapped it in foil and then in a tea towel to attempt to keep it warm) and some almond cake from yesterday’s experimental bake. It was a madeira type sponge with sultanas. I added ground almonds in place of 50g of flour which created a cookie dough flavour and texture when tasted raw (my guilty pleasure). I made an almond brittle to top the sponge with whilst it was still hot which was a huge success.

Almond Brittle:
Melt 3 tablespoons of brown sugar in a pan in the same amount of water, as it bubbles and creates a syrup, add a few handfuls of bashed up whole almonds (use a pestle and mortar) stir and top your cake with it. As the cake cools it will create the brittle adding a lot of excitement to a simple tea cake!

Just to note, today’s experimental bake was AWFUL. The weather was beautiful today, crisp, breezy and blinding sunshine, perfect for Richmond Park in Autumn when the leaves are gold.

This is where we had our picnic…

No doubt, these mushrooms will be reappearing in my cake designs soon (like the recent competition cake) – they are too beautiful and other worldly to ignore for inspiration.


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