*Updated* Homemade Oreo cookies! (Now with added hazelnuts)

I just wanted to update you on some epic news, yesterday I made hazelnut Oreos, just adding half a cup of chopped Hazelnuts to the cookie mixture before spooning out onto the baking sheet. It really was one of the best decisions of the weekend.

Hazelnut Oreos

But as that was just an update, I will leave you now with my original post below on the Oreos without nuts, also epic! Now get in that kitchen and make them, go!

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I actually followed a recipe for once, and it worked out amazingly!


I didn’t grow up with Oreo cookies, shock horror! I had them first at uni, but they have grown on me now and I love them. So I searched for a recipe to trial making them from home and found this one on Cupcake Project, an amazing ingenous site!



imageRecipe: http://www.cupcakeproject.com/2009/02/oreo-cookies-made-from-scratch-just.html

So the batched baked tonnes and I now have quite a few of these, but not for long!


I urge you ALL to try this recipe, follow the link to view it RECIPE


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