Heron and Dragonfly Cake (inspired by ‘Wind in the Willows’)


Today I delivered this cake. It was chocolate fudge with chocolate buttercream, the Cakery’s best seller.


The brief was: a gentleman’s 60th Birthday, who likes all things older guys love (?!) for instance, fishing, gardening and golf. However, I was also told that he has a certain love for the ‘Wind in the Willows’ – so this has inspired the design quite a lot.


If you have seen any of my cakes you will know that I don’t do novelty designs and my work is more illustrational and heavily set in patterns and graphical drawing. So to ensure the inspiration from the ‘Wind in the Willows’ didnt look like the cake was for a child, I went for the riverbank setting rather than looking at the characters (which I love by the way). So we have Ratty’s rowing boat amongst the reeds and a fancy looking heron (just because I thought he would look cool) and two playing dragonflies.


I used an edible black pen to get the finer lines and it gave me a lot more freedom and allowed for the over look to be more like it’s taken from a story book; which I am very happy with,as I don’t consider storybooks childish at all, they often contain my most favourite of pictures.




The overall style is teetering on the Art Nouveau, I think it’s because of the finer lines of the pen and also, of course, because I added the swirly sea, like in a few of my other cakes. I love the feel this brings and I will keep playing around with this element of my work in my future cakes.

Oh and look! Check out my stickers for my cake boxes, posh eh!



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