Cupcake Bouquets with Mint and Thyme

Full frontfull troff angleThis was my first attempt at cupcake bouquets.

I decided to use a window box for one and a regular plant pot for the other. The window box was the one I was most excited to try out and it turned out almost as I had hoped. I think I wanted to have more trailing ivy but I will play around with that on the next one.

First I made the cupcakes and decorated with various flower designs, including the popular Oreo sunflowers.

Next I prepared my container. I couldn’t get hold of any polystyrene which is what I have seen people use before – so I used a few sponges instead, enough to create a slight arch above the container level, to give the centre cakes a bit more height.

Then I used toothpicks to secure the cakes to the sponge and arranged them to create the bouquet. To finish, I piped on extra green leaves and added some fresh mint and thyme sprigs between the cakes (which I think is my favourite part). Next I will make these with lavender and mix up the window box so it is real and dried herbs/edible plants with the cupcakes,  adding more interest and fragrance.

I also want to make some herb infused cakes to link with the herbs I use in the bouquets, lavender/chocolate and mint/rosemary/cardamom/etc…

bouquet landscapetop bouquet

I am going to make one of these for my stand at the Wedding Fair which I am exhibiting at in February. I think these would work wonderfully if designed to tie in with a brides colour scheme, perhaps placed at the entrance table where people leave gifts/messages etc. Or even as part of a desert table – these things are becoming very popular now and if you haven’t googled ‘desert tables’ yet, you should, they are incredible.

full back viewred close upGreen close up

I am running a cupcake bouquet class in March at Norden Farm Arts Centre, you can view details for this on their website.

Balcony bouqet

The colours in the cakes are a lots ‘prettier’ than what I usually use, in my head I  was thinking Romeo and Juliet’s balcony scene, tressiling ivy and soft roses. I doubt this comes across, but I’m ok with that on my first attempt!


5 thoughts on “Cupcake Bouquets with Mint and Thyme

  1. Makes me want to get married again! Utterly beautiful Lorna. Creativity seems to spill from your every pore! x

    • Hi Alison!! I know what you mean, I keep thinking of getting married again but after only two years it’s a little early for a renewal of vows! Thank you for the lovely comment xx

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