Black Rose Wedding

Black Rose

I just realised that I had forgotten to post this cake! It is for the up-coming wedding fair this weekend. I can’t decide quite what to call it but I guess that’s hardly important (suggestions welcome!) The roses are all hand-painted and the effect makes them look almost like a photographic negative, which I really like. I found it terribly hard not to splash the cake with random flicks of colour, but I’m happy I didn’t as I really wanted to create a monotone design – it contrasts nicely to the rest of my designs which are more playful and perhaps less sophisticated!?


I can just image a giddy bride and groom standing, giant knife in hand (!) and posing for the cameras as they cut into the cake. I think it photographs really well and the ribbon could obviously be changed to suit any colour scheme – maybe even a tartan? Now that would be funky! OR a velvety purple fabric, for even more drama. Luckily with this cake the list of options is endless. From the pictures below you can see further detail of the cake, I really like the bottom tier – to add texture I covered the cake with panels of icing and then highlighted it by piping along the edges – I think it adds a little ‘couture/boutique-like’ feel to the cake, like no part of it was left unconsidered. The little yellow flowers are paper ones which can be left out if so desired, but again, I love the alternate texture they provide.

Black and White
And finally, this is a little pre- sketch, I’m pretty sure this was done whilst on the bus actually, I have a very steady hand, you see I am much practiced in doing my make-up on public transport (I’m usually late for things and you know what they say, practice makes perfect!)



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