Eating my way around the world in 2013, the slight change of plan.

2013 was meant to be the Lorna’s Cakery ‘Year of Wedding Fairs’ bringing my designs and cakes to brides in and around London and Surrey and hopefully even further too. If you read my last post, you would see how enthusiastic I was about this prospect.

However, as usual, plans get changed and this one was just a little more sudden than usual – so instead, this year is going to be spent travelling the world, not a bad compromise!

How did this get decided?
Well, as most good ideas, it happened at the bottom of a much needed bottle of wine last Friday. Me and my husband sat in Zizzi’s and after talking about working long hours and the cold, bleak january, we decided to finally do what we had always talked of doing, quit our jobs (my non-cake job) and go travelling. We didn’t have gap years in our late teens when our friends did and its never been a convenient time to ‘up sticks and go’ but this seems to be the most convenient, inconvenient time… do you follow?
So, it’s a week later and we have told our work, booked our flights, and started to pack! We have a few weeks now to pack up our flat, the Cakery and tie up loose ends. I definitely feel like we are embracing our decision and taking control of our lives, maybe I should re-name 2013 as ‘Act Now, Think in 2014’?

One of my lose ends:
Unfortunately, the Landmarks Wedding Fayre in Teddington is next weekend, something I have been relentlessly working towards for many months now.
As we plan to be back by November, I am still going to attend the show and set up as planned. I just hope some brides are planning at least a year ahead, it would be fab to get some orders in the diary for when I get back. I know that I will learn so much from my first show, even if it isn’t the best timing with our new crazy plan only weeks away. But the experience will be great for when I get back because I know for sure that I will be coming back extremely determined to get the Cakery full-time and off the ground, i’ll be doing this through more wedding fairs, and i’ll be loaded with new plans and inspiration, exciting!

Travel Blog:
I will be eating my way around the globe and blogging as much as I can, collecting recipes and learning about different ingredients, spices and traditions. I will add this to blog just don’t expect anymore hand painted cakes for a while, but I really hope you like seeing what I’m up to and what I’m eating! If you have any recommendations of things to try ‘out there’ please let me know in the comments section below, I’ll definitely give it a go!

Our Route/Travel Itinerary:
London-Thailand-Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia-Malaysia-Indonesia-Singapore-Australia-New Zealand-Fiji-Peru-USA-London
It’s changed around a bit this week but this is the most recent route and its pretty solid now. So if you have been to any of these places and have any food ideas or know of some traditional dishes to try, I really would love to hear them.

No Baking for Me:
I’m not sure how I will manage not baking for so long, it’s kind of my ‘thing’, I’m not sure if you’d noticed…?
I might just treat myself to a mini baking surge next week to break up the agony of 24-7 packing. I started tonight actually by making my first ever Madeleine’s because I couldn’t bear packing my fancy Madeleine pans I got from my brother for Christmas without using them just once! They tasted awesome and I will blog the recipe and pictures this week, you must try them yourself.
I can see my husband’s going to have a really tough time tearing me away from the kitchen in the next few weeks as we try to get ready to leave, I really am sad at the idea of not baking! Maybe as a result this blog will actually just turn into a long ‘Dear Agony Aunt letter’ of how I miss my kitchenaid?


4 thoughts on “Eating my way around the world in 2013, the slight change of plan.

  1. Well you really like to shock! Have a wonderful wonderful time. I’m sure you will return and get Lorna’s Cakery flying – of that, I have no doubt whatsoever. Best wishes Lorna. Aly xx

    • I know, I’m basically in a crazy-arsed whirlwind that is dropping me in Bangkok in a few weeks! Thank you for the confidence in me getting the Cakery going again when I am back – I kept thinking ‘am I making the worst business decision ever?’, we will see I guess! I hope we can still chat on here whilst I’m away? We must must must!xx

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