My Cakery’s First Wedding Fair!

DSC_0033A few days ago I was rushing around, balancing display cakes, white drapes and business cards on my head. Well it felt like that anyway. Not knowing what to expect at my first wedding fair I prepared myself in a blue-arsed fly type manner. But, funnily enough, the event ran really smoothly and now I can’t wait to do another one! I just need to get my around the world trip out of the way first *mock sigh*

On Saturday 9th Feb, I was able to start to set up my stand, I’m not sure this is a common thing at fairs but I really appreciated this time to work out what I wanted my stall to look like. Beverley was the organiser at Landmarks and was really helpful and friendly (as were all the staff actually!) so it made the day very welcoming. Below were my ‘give aways’ something blue (ha) mini lemon cakes with cream cheese frosting and brownie cake… they were quite popular!

I enlisted the help of my mum. Well, to be honest, at about 8 am Saturday morning I was on the phone saying, “mum, I’m probably not the best company maybe you shouldn’t come over to help” – I was pretty stressed and knew I would be a right bossy boot. BUT mum said “Lorna, you need me to drive you there and I also have the cake stand for you, so I’m coming anyway”. I had forgotten that in my attempt to shield my mum from my manic mood swings – in truth I couldn’t have done it without her, no surprises there then! As soon as she arrived she was ironing tablecloths and making me sit down to eat some food, “can I have a Best Mum award over here please!”

THEN on Sunday, I had cunningly volunteered my dear friend/ Cakery website designer and general Cakery adviser; Louise to help me at the show. As you may be able to tell from that previous sentence, she knows all about how I get from A-B in regards to designing a cake for people – so she was perfect! Poor Louise, she’s also the one on the floor in the above photo, sorry Lou…

DSC_0042DSC_0050DSC_0045DSC_0086Anyway, back to how the show went, I was honored to have wonderful comments all throughout the day on my cakes, lots of ‘wow’s and ‘ooooh’s from people of all ages. We found that many mum’s were there without the daughters who were the brides, either being sent off to research local suppliers or they were just there because they were over excited about being mother of the bride. It was very sweet. Also, there was 2 fashion shows during the day, with a catwalk wonderful dresses to imagine yourself in!

photo_landmarkartscentre_official1The venue was a gorgeous old church, which is now an Arts Centre – and quite a few of the couples I met were actually getting married there, a massive space to fill but stunning all the same. A large cake would be needed for that just so it ‘stood its ground’ against the amazing backdrop of pillars and arches.

I was really happy to hear that lots of people were getting married in 2014 or 2015 – with my world trip taking up most of 2013 I was worried the fair would be a slight waste of  time, but it was well worth it and hopefully, the cards that got picked up will lead to orders for some weddings next year. Who knows.

DSC_0077The cupcake bouquets were a HUGE hit and selling them as centre pieces to your wedding breakfast really worked – people loved it! To be honest, if I was getting married again, I would do this as my desert option. One on each table that you tuck into after the starter and main course! They could have little tags hanging from each cupcake acting as name places and even a stick in the middle to hold the table name. The options are so diverse I really hope they take off so I can play around with more ideas.


It was funny to hear comments on my cakes, two people said,”I love the Meadow Cake but it’s just not a wedding cake, the black and white one is!” I disagree, but I would. Your wedding cake can be whatever you want and it should be about YOU. Hopefully, after a few more fairs like this, my cake gallery will really reflect the uniqueness of the modern bride and groom’s ‘wedding vision’.


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