Cambodia: Some food i’ve had so far…

I know I said this was a  Cambodia post, but there is two things I need to blog about from Thailand first. My travel brain is getting the better of me I’m afraid!

Bangkok, Asiatique. MK Suki restaurant.
These were pork and crab balls which we had to boil at our table. We didn’t know when they were done as no one told us or spoke english but we figured if they floated they were ready.


They tasted good, but not as good as the Pad Thai from Th Ko San road which cost about 70p and stupidly I didnt photograph!
Below was taken just before MK Suki, I had a bubble tea with black pearls, (tapioca balls I think, cant be sure) it tasted amazing! Very sweet.


Apologise for my smug mug in that picture.
So next is the Nem (fried spring rolls) in Siem Reap. These are a great beer snack on a dusty warm evening in Cambodia, or London or anywhere! the inside was vegetable and one of the veg was like a potato texture, it is added some substance to the ‘snack’.  The dip was a tangy spicy sauce, a really good combination with beer.


This is a picture of some food we made in our cooking class, I’ve written about it more in my last post so I wont go on about it. (you’re welcome, haha)


This photo below was taken on the side of a very dusty road on route to Phom Penh.

These steamed buns were everywhere! I haven’t tried them yet (i hang my head in shame here). But i will. I think they are filled with minced meat and spring onions. They are not like Cha Siu Bau in Chinese Dim Sum, (aka heaven on earth) where the sweet steamed bun is filled with sweet pork meat. One of my absolute favourite things to eat ever!


Above is The Best Fish I Have Ever Tasted, BIG statement I know. But its true. We were on the island Koh Rong Saloem, in South Cambodia. See below where we slept!


The location might have helped the taste buds I admit. Who knows. It was fresh Spanish Mackerel, lightly fried, just to crisp the outside with a sour, lemon dressing. Served with rice. Fish and lemon is another top choice for me so this really was incredible. And the fillet was huge! I couldn’t finish it, which says a lot about the portions. (as I’m a pig)

Rich had a green curry with chicken, its beautiful isn’t it.


At the moment we are in Kampot in Cambodia, staying in a yurt over the river – I look at it and it’s hard to believe somewhere like this exists, its breathtaking.

Yesterday we went to a pepper plantation and learnt about how it grew – on trees like berries. A fresh green peppercorn is spicy, I learnt that much to our guides amusement! We also tried pepper infused vodka – now that perks you up! I was feeling pretty ‘sparky’ after that, just what you need when the midday heat starts to make you wilt on a busy ‘touristy’ day!

 We also visited the salt fields, where the men and women work from 7am-11am sifting the salt from the river and sea and carrying to the sheds for dispatch all over Cambodia (and the world)


For lunch we stopped at a fishing village called Kep, where to famous dish is fresh fried crab with Kampot Pepper- so obviously I had to try that.


Yet again, it was another reason for you to pay for the plane ticket over to Cambodia!!


These were outside every eatery along the bay, lots of BBQ fish – Rich had the chicken and didn’t complain but he did mention how murderous I looked destroying the crab to get at the meat inside the claws. I told him it was definitely a necessary approach to make sure I got it all.

So next we are in Vietnam, fingers crossed I can post some more foods that I try along the way! Over and Out!

(P.S I know that there has been a huge lack of sweet foods so far, sorry cake fans, I will do my best from now on!)


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