Sweet Street Food, Hoi An, Vietnam


These little stalls lace the streets of Vietnam, and in Hoi An they are freshly preparing types of donuts. One is a coconut cake, a ball bun filled with strips of coconut-the type you’d find in a ‘London Cheesecake‘ (if you don’t know what that is, then you are seriously missing out!)


Another delight, is a type of sliced banana fritter, with a few strips of coconut thrown in for good measure. The banana is dipped lightly in a pancake batter and then deep fried to create a thin, banana crisp.


There are a few other things on these stalls, even the bog standard ringed donuts.  They are all fried and sprinkled with sesame seeds (i need to use more sesame seeds in my food as it transforms normal to WOW with one pinch!)
Both of these cost me 10,000 vnd (£35p)
The smell reminded me instantly of theme parks back in the UK. Pretty cool as its a grey, muggy day here in Hoi An, a sleepy town of hanging lanterns and boutique tailors.


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