Australia. Baking Withdrawal

Australia has been fun so far and we still have 1 month left before we hit the winter of New Zealand. Since we have been traveling, just over 4 months now,  I have been playing around with plans for when I get back to the UK, baking plans (duh). 
We get back at the end of October, so just in time to jump into Christmas Hampers, they will be travel inspired for sure, using spices and flavours that I’ve met this year. I am desperate to try out some cookie recipes that I have scribbled down in my notebook.
Unfortunately, this post isn’t me banging on about amazing food I have eaten in Australia, mainly because the price of living isn’t really backpacker friendly, so the most exciting thing I cooked recently was a Spanish tortilla, which to be fair, was no mean feat in a hostel. If it doesn’t all cook in the one pot it’s a right effort! 
I had planned on possibly baking some cookies along the way, spreading the Cakery love with randomers but I haven’t seen 1 oven the whole time, just hobs and if you are lucky a microwave. 
It’s not all a struggle though, we had a BBQ on the beach the other day, the bbqs are free to use and we built burger towers of meat meat meat and haloumi cheese. It was all very Neighbours.
Tomorrow we are flying back to Sydney (we are currently in Cairns) and we will be staying with the lovely Lucy, so I shall we occupying her kitchen for a few days and demanding tasters for various things I miss baking, first up shortbread and choux buns. I hope to post about this baking marathon next week, fingers crossed its a success! 

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