Homemade Lemon, Thyme and Ginger Shortbread

GTL shortbread
I know it’s only July but as I get back to the UK in late October I am starting to think about my Christmas Hampers. I’m at my friend’s house in Sydney this week and am playing Cakery in her Kitchen whilst she is at work during the day, it’s very fun indeed.
So, I have a few recipes I need to try in my notepad and first up was shortbread. I have never made any before and with my usual baking arrogance, I decide not to follow just one recipe.
The basic shortbread recipe I chose to follow was from MumsNet.com. One point on the recipe is that my friends oven took twice as long to turn the nice golden colour, so play around with your oven if you are going to try out some shortbread of your own.
So, I didn’t add the vanilla, it sounds lovely but I wanted to branch out into something a bit more interesting.
I divided the dough into 2 and for the first batch I added grated fresh ginger, chopped lemon rind, lemon juice and fresh thyme leaves.
(The 2nd batch I made was Cinnamon and Lemon Shortbread)
This recipe turned out some lovely, buttery biscuits, but next time I will go full pelt with the additional flavours – less is not more with shortbread apparently!
There is no point using fun ingredients if they don’t jump up and say ‘hello’ when you eat them. Especially not in my Christmas Hampers. Oh, and another thing, the smell of these fun shortbreads cooking was ridiculous, the warm thyme really fills the house with lots of yummy more-ish-ness.


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