A Speedy Muffin Loaf (Almond and Cinnamon)

Need a quick cake fix?
Well, this muffin-y cake is perfect!
Ok, in truth it’s a muffin recipe just baked in a loaf tin, but, add a few scatterings of what you have in your storecupboard and you have yourself a very special cake.
I used this Basic Muffin recipe, and praise the lord it’s an ‘all in one’ recipe, so its easier on the washing up as well as quicker to prepare.

My amendments to this plain mixture was:

2 Capfuls of Almond Essence
2 Teaspoons of Ground Cinnamon  
A scattering of Sultanas
A handful of Rolled Oats (just for surprise texture).
When the loaf is done, drizzle over some melted milk chocolate

And there you have it, a very homemade looking cake, made in under 30 minutes.
When making this in a loaf tin like I did, do the skewer test to make sure centre is cooked – if you need to cover the top with foil so it doesn’t burn and keep it in the oven to cook through until the skewer comes out clean.

Add whatever you fancy, lemon juice/zest, nuts, banana or chopped up bits of apple, have fun with it.
The joy is, because its not a CAKE mix, the muffin remains not-too-sweet and you can play around with textures because the nuts etc wont sink to the bottom like it would in a light, fragile sponge batter.


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