My Recent Bread-scapades!

If you don’t already know, twickenham’s Blackbird Bread have a bread making class happening, and since I am friends with this feathered family I got to go along and help out, do some dishes and also sharpen my bread skills, which were lacking after 8 months of travelling and not much experience before that. Anyway, since then I have been baking bread as often as I have a time to spare, and recommend you folk give it a bash too.
For a lovely crusty fluffy white loaf visit blackbird bread’s recipe.
Follow all the guides there, making sure you don’t rush the proving times and also making sure you don’t cut into your incredible loaf until it’s completely cool from the baking, if you want it warm, sack it in the toaster or oven again…but I doubt you will want to wait any longer to dig in!

Last night I tried making Dan Lepard’s Extra Moist Stollen it’s something I have always wanted to bake and now it is resting for a day or two to get a nice set on the icing and butter crust….I might have to just get the knife to it later though as I’m desperate to see if it surpasses the dry crappy ones they over charge you for in the shops. That’s a picture of it dusted with icing, there is rum and all sorts in the recipe, so I’m hoping it’s amaze balls.

The plaited loafs in the picture and so satisfying to make, after I was confident my timings were good and I knew how the dough needed to feel I went for a plait. I waited a bit longer for the last rise, as there is a lot going on, so wait an hour instead of 45 mins. The monotone loaf was great, I used a mixed seed and grain flour (check the supermarket shelves but I think it was Allinsons range) then before it went in the oven, after I sprayed with water, I patted on poppy seeds to one side and dusted flour to the other. It got eaten in one hit last Sunday with a broccoli soup. Also for this loaf I substituted milk for water, adds an extra yumminess.

In the first photo there is a soda bread, all farmhouse looking, they are super quick to make (45mins!) so if you need a fix after work, GET INVOLVED, you don’t need to knead it or prove it or even use bread flour, so you probably have all the ingredients in the cupboard, bonus.

Next up, barm bread!


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