Space Cake Pops

Cake Pop In Cup

Today I tried making my first cake pops. I used a light lemon sponge which I blitzed and mixed with a raspberry buttercream until it was like a dough consistency. I rolled the mix into balls, dipped the end of the cake pop sticks into the balls and then froze them for about 20 mins. For the chocolate dip I melted 50% dark chocolate and 50% milk ‘covering’ chocolate, to make it less likely to crack I also added a drop or two or vegetable oil. I used a microwave to melt it down, just make sure you stir it once and a while.

Cake Pops
Tall Cake Pops

Once the pops are re-frozen dip and twizzle them in the melted chocolate, you need the thermo-reaction to cool and harden the chocolate, it works a treat. Then all you have to do is work out how to let them rest without ruining all your hard work – I stuck them into a boxed which I had pre-skewered little holes into, which worked ok! (lots of people use Styrofoam cake dummies)

Galaxy style cake pop, Chocolate and gold design
Cake Pop Galazy 1

I really like the ones which are a bit messy, when i dusted gold onto them they look like galaxy, space pops!

Silver Gold Cake Pop Silver Gold Cake Pop 3 Silver Gold Cake Pop 2
Next up I’m trying rum and raisin cake pops… mmmm



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