Painted Birdcage Cake with 30 Flowers

Painted Birdcage Cake with Red Lilly

I think this would make an epic wedding cake, but this little (massive) guy was for my lovely cousin who turned 30 last month.
Thistle and Orchid painted cake
We went through loads of options for what design to have, discussing all the things she loves and where she has travelled, she has travelled a lot! Including studying over in London away from home grass in Ireland. So with this all in mind I decided a birdcage would be appropriate, as she makes everywhere she goes her new home. Also, it gave me an opportunity to create a narrative of a bird collecting things from places it’s been, in Jo’s case, a native flower from all the countries she has travelled to. I was quite pleased with my little story.

This was the in the early stages of the painting, and my to-paint-list, the national or native flowers to all the countries.
I was also told it should be a rainbow cake. I don’t think this part was up for discussion so I obliged willingly as in my opinion, every cake should have rainbow sponge inside! I should mention actually that it was just the top tier that was a vanilla rainbow – with lemon buttercream – the base tier was lime chocolate cake with blackberry buttercream.
This was my first semi-sculpted cake – if you have seen much of my stuff before I am not a fan of novelty cakes and once tried a castle for my little sister and hated every second of it, I like my cakes to be cake shaped, but a domed top for a birdcage was actually pretty fun – so I might to more of those in the future. Other cakey people do novelty very well – but I am not one of them.
Painted Birdcage with LilliesPainted Birdcage Cake with TulipsPainted Birdcage Cake with Roses
Oh, and I forgot to say, it’s my first ever cake to go on a plane, CAKES ON A PLANE PEOPLE! So exciting! And I wasn’t event there! Unfortunately, me and Mr Cakery were moving house that weekend from Twickenham to Streatham Hill – which after all the boxes was rather fun but I would have loved to have partied with this sparkly lady below, I know I missed out on an ace night, waaaah! But at least I was there in cake spirit I guess, with my rainbow surprise…
jo and cakejo eating cake


13 thoughts on “Painted Birdcage Cake with 30 Flowers

  1. Hi Lorna , this cake is amazing !!wish Jo a happy birthday from me , catch up soon , love Claire x

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      • Have you tried the one on the corner next to Streatham hIll Station? Fab pastries, fantastic cheeses and cold cuts…there is a great food culture here – this year’s food festival is going to be brilliant – they are looking for volunteers – it’s a great way to get to know the independent food producers etc…I helped with the PR last year and met so many wonderful people as a result!

      • It’s called Thompsons but I’ve never seen the signage! It’s the white one on the corner with mountains of meringues in the window. This is the link for the food festival if you are interested… It may be a chance to showcase your cakes too…Pauline who runs the festival is really lovely and really champions local artisans…If you are on Twitter, do a search for Streatham Food Festival and have a little read..

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