Hand Painted ‘London Love’ Wedding Cake

THIS WAS A 6 LAYER RAINBOW CAKE! Unfortunately, being a cake decorator you don’t get to be there when they cut the cake which is sad when it takes so long to assemble and especially when it includes so much coloured sponge. I must make another one, just for me. I met this lovely couple at the Chosen Wedding Fair that I exhibited at in Spring, the cake was very personal to them as London was where they found each other, but there were icons from their home countries around the cake; The Andes snow-capped mountains and Table Mountain. The Thames and the birds joined all the locations together along the bottom, like one long panoramic view. This cake was lovely to work on and really represented special places to the couple. It also has their cat sitting next to them by the bench, the family, happily ever after. Awww!


Baking Tip: How to achieve a BRIGHT sponge cake using gel colours

Field of Blooms Cake


This was a funny request for a cake, as it was going to be brought to a wedding and entered in a wedding guest ‘Bake-Off’. So slyly Tom asked me to make his entry and obviously I obliged. The competition is today, so I’m not sure how we did (if we win, I will update this later).



As usual, I asked for a few things about the couple to start off the inspiration for the design and I was told that when they got engaged it was at a little picnic  – so this led me to this design, a summery field of blooms…


Now, as this was a competition, I knew they would cut into the cake to try it – so, I made the victoria sponge inside pink, green and orange for extra ‘pazazz’! The only thing is I’m not sure what that part looks like!

This obsession with surprise centers in cakes and sponges has been with me for a while so it was crazy when the first episode of GBBO was about that too, so fun! Also, I recently came across a great blog which shows you how to hide little images inside a baked cake, go look at Once Upon A Pedestal.

Hmmmm, I hope we win…