Hand Painted Anniversary Cake Designed From Wedding Photo

After much deliberation over what cake Fran wanted for her parents big surprise anniversary party, we came up with something from the past. It’s based on the bouquet that the bride had 20 years ago! The wedding photograph was placed next to the cake when presented, cute. To start off I painted a yellow water-colour wash over the base and to finish, I highlighted the painting with royal icing details. The whole cake was lastly glazed with a shimmer spray, to give it a pearlescent light. And if you are wondering, it’s a Victoria Sponge…


My Indoor Meadow with Hand Painted Cakes at The Chosen Wedding Fair


Last Sunday I ventured into the magical world of The Chosen Wedding Fair, so much lace and pretty bespoke creations everywhere!
This was my stall, I decided quite early on that I wanted to make more of a ‘mark’ when displaying my painted wedding cakes. So I decided to bring a meadow with me! Lots of hessian, straw and twigs filled the back of the van, and even a couple of wooden old crates to add height, I LOVED IT! It totally made me want a shop front just so I could play with window displays all day long. Alas, not this decade!

I also met tonnes of lovely people, including Kiki who organised the show. She was running around making sure everyone was happy, which they were, so well done to a great job!

So here are some new Creative Cakery Friends that I would recommend you check out, if not for a wedding then just for inspiration, they are really fun:

Lucy, Illustrator – The Story House
Lottie, Wedding Blogger – Lace and Love Hearts
Tania, Retro Ballroom Dancing – Sapphire Groove
Emma, Florist – Ladybird
Retro Photo booth – Strike a Pose

Next week  have my next injection of Brides and engagement ring spotting (fun!) at The Vintage Wedding Fayre in Bethnal Green, York Hall. “Tis the season to get wed!”

Painted Wisteria Wedding Cake with Frilly Fondant

Morning Sun! All the excitement for the day is in the air.

Morning Sun! All the excitement for the day is in the air.

Wisteria and Frills painted wedding cake 1Wisteria and Frills painted wedding cake 2Wisteria and Frills painted wedding cake 3
I’ve said it before, Spring is the best time of year and I feel like I’ve celebrated this with my Wisteria cake. Sugarpaste flowers are dotted around but they aren’t the star of the show, the frills battle it out with the dark cascading blooms for the top spot. I love the ‘billowy’ nature of this design – I feel like if a summer breeze was to whistle by the frills and the wisteria would sway around lazily. Or maybe I’m just a little swept up in the joy of seeing flowers popping up to say hello everywhere I look?! Anyway, here’s a few close up pictures (apologies as I kind of went picture crazy on this blog entry!)
Wisteria and Frills painted wedding cake bottom viewWisteria and Frills painted wedding cake flower

Wisteria and Frills painted wedding cake top viewWisteria and Frills BandWWisteria and Frills painted wedding cake portrait
Do you like my stripy table cover? It’s new, YAY!

The Sea and Antiques – A Sunny Saturday In Rye







Black Rose Wedding

I just realised that I had forgotten to post this cake! It is for the up-coming wedding fair this weekend. I can’t decide quite what to call it but I guess that’s hardly important (suggestions welcome!) The roses are all hand-painted and … Continue reading

Art Nouveau, Floating Garden Wedding Cake


This is the final display cake for my wedding fair stand which is next week, The Floating Garden, and my rather self-explanatory title for this post you can sort of tell what my inspiration was for this wedding cake. Art Nouveau illustrations of flowers, floating lotus’ and oriental gardens. The middle tier has a sugarpaste flower floating in the centre which is an idea that I really look forward to expanding on in the future. The entire cake is hand-painted and then dusted in a pearlescent shimmer, creating the glow in the light, reflecting the inspiration of the water gardens and the constant dappling light on its surface. This is only a very short blog post but below is a  collection of detailed images of the cake, I hope you like it!

Floating garden

Hand-painted ‘Meadow Wedding’ cake

So I seem to have unintentionally created a few cakes which ‘talk’ about meadows, fields and gardens. But I really can’t help it and as I have said before, my favourite time of year is spring and meadows encompass that. … Continue reading

An Enchanted, Frosty Wedding Cake

full viewWM

A very dear friend of mine got married on 28th December last year, my gift to the happy couple was this wedding cake. Kate is a bride of impeccable taste and as an Events Organiser, she needed everything to be ‘just right’, this included the cake, so the pressure was on.

top view

We were clear that this wasn’t to be a christmassy cake, but a magical, silvery, frosted design that would tie into her colours of ivory/red/silver and grey. I knew the red would throw me so I only added a touch at the end. The Bridesmaids were in scarlet dresses and the groomsmen were in grey suits.

side tree

The wedding was held at Pembroke Lodge, which was also where the Ant and Bee wedding was (one of my personal favourites). So a beautiful white manor house in Richmond Park was the venue, the Royal Park, if you don’t already know, is huge and the local residents are mainly Stags, Deer and herons as well as lots of other fantastic woodland animals. There is even a large population of bright green Parakeets which I was told once escaped from London Zoo… but that might not be true.

full tree

I digress. So the white lodge was decorated in blue lighting so that Kate got her frosted, Narnia atmosphere. White twigs were arching over the aisle that she walked down and a harpist played, filling the room with magic. I would have been very watery-eyed if it hadn’t been for a small child making funny noises as soon as Kate entered the room. If you need tears on demand, I’m your girl and I am happy to attend weddings to open the flood gates. I could be called Rent-O-Blub, suggestions welcome…

rose detail

Back to the cake. It was a chocolate fudge, 2 tiered giant. I hand-painted various snowflake designs and as you can see adorned the cake with a branch which I made from sugarpaste. The silver-leafed rose was also made from sugarpaste. I actually really enjoyed adding the depth of the branch and pairing it with the hand-painted detail, different to what my usual ‘flat’ cakes are like. I also had a nice opportunity to use edible silver leaf. which I think looks really effective and has a certain dipped-in-molten-silver appearance. It’s quite simple to use, you just brush it on a damp surface and fiddle about a bit… give it a go! It would look awesome on some cookies.

side tree

branch rose detail

To finish off the cake, and what I was MOST pleased with, was the trademark Lorna’s Cakery spots – but this time I piped them on using simple icing sugar and water in a piping bag. It gave the cake extra polished angles – as you might have noticed the top-tier is purposefully off-centre but I think the piping brings the whole design to a close nicely. I also enjoyed the ‘craziness’ (waves hands in the air) of running the sugarpaste and icing over the top of the ribbons and lace, it’s the simple things that I enjoy obviously! Below is the ‘cutting of the cake’, which funnily enough happened on the dance floor! Please spot Kate’s fantastic expression in picture 1, complete cake fear!

cutting cake1

cutting cake2

 Congratulations Kate and Luke!

The Ant and Bee Wedding

Last year I was contacted out of the blue from an old friend who had seen my cakes and wanted to know if I was interested in doing a collaborative design for his wedding cake. Obviously this made my day.

The happy couple, (Ant and Vic) are creatives and already had a strong idea of what they liked and didn’t like so it was fun to merge our ideas, which funnily enough was easy as we all wanted a fun, unusual design which was personal to them and NOT Novelty. There were lots of tangible links, the 7″ top-tier was a Victoria sponge cake (the bride) and overall look was ‘english country garden’ to match the rest of the wedding.

You might have gathered by now the Ant on top of the cake was the Groom, and the Bee was the Bride. It was also a little surprise for the Bride’s sister (the maid of honour) as their names for each other are ‘Big Bee’ and ‘Little Bee’. They knew they wanted an Ant and Bee to feature in a garden and with my history of working with Ant (we used to make models of knees for medical purposes, weird I know!) I knew he would be able to make the creatures and suggested they try out some ideas out with plasticine. They loved the idea, and I quickly got a reply that they had bought some Fimo and were starting right away! The result was a fantastically anatomically accurate ant, with movable legs and body and a bee with daintily wired wings. Beautiful. I loved that they got involved and made them themselves, also its a lovely keepsake for them now the wedding has BEEn and gone.

So after many emails with attachments of lacy cupcake wrappers and various types of cake stands we started catching up on over coffee (and cake) to bind our ideas together. Possibly the funnest way to spend a saturday morning! The overall wedding feel was very personal and every detail was thought about and had a purpose, so the cake had to reflect this also.

The cupcakes flavours:
40 Chocolate sponge cupcakes with chocolate icing & 40 Lemon sponge cupcakes with lemon curd icing

Both were Hummingbird Bakery recipes. The Chocolate where like death by chocolate and delicious, you must give the recipe a try, I will be using it again and again. Except the lemon curd Icing, for that I went a bit off-piste and used my mum’s homemade lemon curd mixed with icing powder, I wanted it very tangy to balance the lemon sponge. If your don’t make a noise after eating lemony food, then there isn’t enough lemon. The noise can be ‘ooooh!’ or ‘Mmmmmm’ or ‘Wow’ (I’m not fussy).

So the wedding day came, it was at Pembroke Lodge, a mansion in Richmond Park, Surrey. An absolutely beautiful setting, and the sun shone for them all day, which was wonderful as the colours of the park magnified the country garden theme, lots of greens highlighted with blossom tones. Jam jars sat with wild flowers as table centre pieces, homemade jam for favours, flags, bunting and ribbons everywhere.

My husband Rich was my helper for the assembling of the cake display and a nerve soother when I continually asked “do you think they will like it, I hope they like it”. From the photo below you can tell the amount of concentration needed for the perfect ‘scattered’ rose petals…

I am really excited as I have another friend of mine is getting married over Christmas at the same venue, so to do another cake for a different season will be a lovely contrast for me. It was such an honour to work with Ant and Vic and I loved the enthusiasm they had about my ideas and how they wanted to cake to represent their big day, I fully believe the cake at a wedding can be treated as an aside, or can fully embody the couple and be a centre piece and canvas to celebrate the wedding day – which then gets cut and enjoyed by all the guests. Family and food is my passion and this, I think, celebrates both.

The lovely Mr & Mrs Houghton

The lemon face

The Budgie Cake

“Well, she’s had budgies since she was little, so that would be nice?” – that was my brief for this cake. Awesome.

Immediately, knew I wanted to go for a soft looking cake, vintage, but with a twist of modern ideas – like the marbling of the icing before I painted onto it. Also, I didn’t want to go sickly sweet with the bird theme, as there is lots of bird-cage cakes out there (which look great, but I wanted to be different).

The cake was a chocolate fudge sponge with chocolate buttercream – a customer favourite. It’s nice to start establishing these things and seeing what people like and re-order. It means I must be doing something right!?

I don’t want to say too much about this particular cake as I think the images say quite a bit already – but I would love to hear your thoughts about it so please do comment below. I posted a few pictures on twitter and got this great comment (made me chuckle after a very late night of cake painting!) “@icemaidencakes @lornas_cakery @cakesbybeth A cake worth ‘tweeting’ about – pun totally intended! Pretty impressive cake too.”