Romeo and Juliet Wedding Cake, Painted Red Roses

Red and Yellow Rose wedding cake
I’m not sure why this cake reminds me of Shakespeare’s balcony scene, maybe you can shed some like on that? The lovely couple were friends of ours so it was an extra special order, which included a triple layer lemon drizzle top tier, with extra zest! I was actually in shock as all of the cake was eaten… within half an hour! I think it’s the lemon curd buttercream that gets people coming back for seconds.
Red Wedding Flower Topper Brides Chinese dress material - inspiration for the design
So this design was inspired by Ruth’s wedding dress material – and also the fact that the venue (London’s UCL) was covered in huge bouquets of yellow tulips. I wanted a creeping rose effect but with a 3D element – not just painted, odd for me I know! In the past couple of months I have really enjoyed playing around with making sugar paste flowers and want them to feature more on my cakes in the future. Currently, I am on a bit of a giant poppy binge but for Ruth and Matt’s wedding it was all about the rose style blossoms from her dress. I use Pinterest to seek out mini tutorials and also you-tube, check it out – for the poppies I’m not even using a petal cutter, thrifty!
cutting the cake
It was a beautiful sunny Saturday in March – full of smiles, love and lemon cake! Congratulations Matt and Ruth!

Me and Mr Cakery enjoying some wedding bubbles!

Me and Mr Cakery enjoying some wedding bubbles!


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Art Nouveau, Floating Garden Wedding Cake


This is the final display cake for my wedding fair stand which is next week, The Floating Garden, and my rather self-explanatory title for this post you can sort of tell what my inspiration was for this wedding cake. Art Nouveau illustrations of flowers, floating lotus’ and oriental gardens. The middle tier has a sugarpaste flower floating in the centre which is an idea that I really look forward to expanding on in the future. The entire cake is hand-painted and then dusted in a pearlescent shimmer, creating the glow in the light, reflecting the inspiration of the water gardens and the constant dappling light on its surface. This is only a very short blog post but below is a  collection of detailed images of the cake, I hope you like it!

Floating garden

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An Enchanted, Frosty Wedding Cake

full viewWM

A very dear friend of mine got married on 28th December last year, my gift to the happy couple was this wedding cake. Kate is a bride of impeccable taste and as an Events Organiser, she needed everything to be ‘just right’, this included the cake, so the pressure was on.

top view

We were clear that this wasn’t to be a christmassy cake, but a magical, silvery, frosted design that would tie into her colours of ivory/red/silver and grey. I knew the red would throw me so I only added a touch at the end. The Bridesmaids were in scarlet dresses and the groomsmen were in grey suits.

side tree

The wedding was held at Pembroke Lodge, which was also where the Ant and Bee wedding was (one of my personal favourites). So a beautiful white manor house in Richmond Park was the venue, the Royal Park, if you don’t already know, is huge and the local residents are mainly Stags, Deer and herons as well as lots of other fantastic woodland animals. There is even a large population of bright green Parakeets which I was told once escaped from London Zoo… but that might not be true.

full tree

I digress. So the white lodge was decorated in blue lighting so that Kate got her frosted, Narnia atmosphere. White twigs were arching over the aisle that she walked down and a harpist played, filling the room with magic. I would have been very watery-eyed if it hadn’t been for a small child making funny noises as soon as Kate entered the room. If you need tears on demand, I’m your girl and I am happy to attend weddings to open the flood gates. I could be called Rent-O-Blub, suggestions welcome…

rose detail

Back to the cake. It was a chocolate fudge, 2 tiered giant. I hand-painted various snowflake designs and as you can see adorned the cake with a branch which I made from sugarpaste. The silver-leafed rose was also made from sugarpaste. I actually really enjoyed adding the depth of the branch and pairing it with the hand-painted detail, different to what my usual ‘flat’ cakes are like. I also had a nice opportunity to use edible silver leaf. which I think looks really effective and has a certain dipped-in-molten-silver appearance. It’s quite simple to use, you just brush it on a damp surface and fiddle about a bit… give it a go! It would look awesome on some cookies.

side tree

branch rose detail

To finish off the cake, and what I was MOST pleased with, was the trademark Lorna’s Cakery spots – but this time I piped them on using simple icing sugar and water in a piping bag. It gave the cake extra polished angles – as you might have noticed the top-tier is purposefully off-centre but I think the piping brings the whole design to a close nicely. I also enjoyed the ‘craziness’ (waves hands in the air) of running the sugarpaste and icing over the top of the ribbons and lace, it’s the simple things that I enjoy obviously! Below is the ‘cutting of the cake’, which funnily enough happened on the dance floor! Please spot Kate’s fantastic expression in picture 1, complete cake fear!

cutting cake1

cutting cake2

 Congratulations Kate and Luke!

My Painted Cakes of 2012

(Click on an image to view the cakes of 2012 as a slideshow) Thank you to everyone who has ordered one of my cakes, it’s been a great year for Lorna’s Cakery x

A Nautical, Art Nouveau Wedding Cake

This wedding order was for Lucia and Howard – they were getting married at Richmond registry office and then having an evening reception on a boat, which would cruise the River Thames, visiting the London landmarks. The Italian bride would be dressed in a blue evening gown instead of the traditional ivory and the wedding party would be only family and very close friends – approximately 40 people all together.Disliking fruit cake, Lucia wanted something a little different – so I opted for a Victoria sponge 2-tier cake (the base tier was actually triple layers for extra height) and then they also had 20 victoria sponge cupcakes, which was a plain sponge, topped with jam a little buttercream and then finally Regal icing so I could paint it afterwards. The twist was also having 20 orange flavoured cupcakes, a lovely fresh choice in my opinion. A simple orange buttercream used to pipe elegant roses on these ones.The wedding invite was an Art Nouveau design and I was also asked to include anchors in my nautical inspired approach… and this is what we ended up with. The main image on the base tier is a subtle hint at the invitation – weddings always have little threads of consistency throughout themes and ideas, so this was my contribution.

I decided quite late that I wanted to have 20 of the cupcakes hand-painted, I’m glad I chose this as it ties up the wedding cake display nicely, however, it was fairly more time-consuming for a friday evening! All in the name of cake.

Luckily the sun shone for Lucia and Howard on 26 August, lovely!

A Winter Engagement Cake

This cake a real treat to design as I loved the brief! It was for my cousin’s friend who was having her engagement party, it was christmas themed! I was told the bride-to-be was really creative, loved vintage things and her favourite film was Annie.

The couple also LOVE christmas, so I went down the romantic picturesque route and I also think this cake deign has an anticipation of christmas eve feel about it. Helped by the Annie quote “its only a day away”.

The cake was  a simple buttery sponge with jam and buttercream filling.

The pictures remind me of Dickens movies and when Scrooge looks in through the windows of happy christmas parties when he is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present. Ladies with ball gowns and men with waistcoats and cravats come to mind. Lovely!

My cousin told me the-bride-to be loved it and said it was the best present ever, this made me so happy!! I love love love this job x